High-quality repair and maintenance of any arrangements

industrial Equipment

in the Moscow region

We consider any mechanical device

Some types of industrial repair:

1.Pechatnye and of labeling machines, packing machines and filling systems dimensional cutting, etc.

2.Bumagorezatelnaya machines, corrugator and gofrolinii, listorazmotochnye machines, printing machines.

3.Termo equipment, cabinets, ovens, etc. termopenaly

4.Kompressory vacuum and conventional.

5.Remont manual electric and pneumatic tools. (When a contract for permanent maintenance)

6.Remont and modernization of non-standard equipment, including the design and manufacture of damaged parts and mechanisms with full technological cycle. (Selection of material, training, placing an order, finishing).

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An important advantage of the agreement to a permanent service:

All breakage are eliminated mainly during

24 hours

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