I am often asked,

1) Can I learn how to repair sewing machines?

   One of the great said that talent is 90 percent of the hard work. so all in your hands.

2) What are the skills, the makings of a need for this job?

    First of all, for what would work sewing equipment adjuster
you should first be developed creative thinking, the analysis of
any failure of the sewing machine, you have to imagine several mechanisms
(Interaction between nodes), build a logical chain such as:
A rod interacts with the lever in which transmits the motion to the platform with
If the links in this chain is not working properly, then your task is to find
this error and correct, as an example of excessive play in conjunction with the thrust lever in A
With whereby platform motion is insufficient. To correct this error
and called the sewing machine repairs.

3) Can any man can master this profession?

   Please be patient, you need usidchevost never zdaval,

no matter how much experience you have not, it will always be small, just do not know any
Mechanical sewing machines, remember that the truth is always somewhere nearby, if rested,
take a break, you may not dig there.

You must be prepared to face new challenges every day.
In modern industrial sewing machines tolerances settings differ significantly,
For example four-needle sewing machines SHING RAY, is one experience is not enough,
All needle holder configuration, the looper should be precisely such as they are laid manufacturer.
Step left, step right, shot on the spot. Of course, the basic knowledge has not been canceled,
you need to understand the important points of interaction mechanisms of the sewing machine.

4) Why are good and bad at the same master work experience?

   Basically it is the absence of the above qualities.

Reception center, you can bring your sewing machine to our workshop, repair period not exceeding three working days, the cost of repair from 500 rubles

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How does the sewing machine, what is the principle of formation of sewing stitches, what the looper, the bobbin and more

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Typical faults usual straight horizontal

sewing machine and troubleshooting:

1 Open the upper thread

1.1 Change the needle if the new check whether it is correctly inserted.

1.2 Check and re-fill the upper thread

1.3 If all else fails check not too upper thread is tightened and released as needed (weaken). Perhaps in this case the upper thread in the weave stitches on the wrong side of a loop, it is a consequence of excessive tension lower niti- weaken the spring of the bobbin case

1.4 If all else fails, call a mechanic.

2. The line "winds"

2.1 Loop top-excessive needle thread tension - loosen the upper thread, if not help, adjust the tension of the bobbin thread.

2.2 Hinge bottom-excessive lower thread tension - loosen the lower thread, if properly adjusted bobbin thread, pull the top.

3. Skipped stitches

3.1 Change the needle if the new check whether it is correctly inserted.

3.2 Inconsistency thickness of the fabric being needle - needle pick the right size according to the thickness and the kind of fabric being sewn.

Modern sewing machine is a high-tech, precision mechanical device, so no

special knowledge is not necessary to experiment. Do not change the factory settings of the basic mechanisms.

3. The correct tension of the upper and lower strands

The correct tension of the upper and lower strands of the sewing machine directly affects the quality of your stitches sewing machine, for example, for delicate fabrics the lower thread tension should be minimal, but all the same, it should be the same.

After adjusting the lower thread tension to begin adjusting the needle thread tension, the basic principles that you hold, this causal link weave the upper needle thread and bobbin thread sewing machine.

You look at the weave, and if you line "winds" from the top, it means that you need to loosen the upper thread tension, thus you balance the tension of the upper and lower strands of the sewing machine, and the weave is obtained in the middle of the processed material.

If you have a loop is formed from the bottom of the processed material, so you need on the contrary, increase the upper thread tension. As you can see, everything is very simple.

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Workshop repair sewing machines

Our regular customers

Repair of sewing machines in Moscow

1. Repair of all types and brands of industrial sewing machines

2. Repair of all brands of household sewing machines and overlock any area of ​​Moscow
 for three hours

Quality Guarantee, Professionalism since 2007

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The warranty on the repair of household sewing machines - 12 kneading.

3. Embroidery Sewing Machine

4. Repair and adjustment of complex, non-standard equipment

5. Pre - commissioning of a new sewing equipment.

6. Consultation and selection of equipment for new and innovative sewing production

7. Complex service of sewing production of 3 thousand. Per month, terms of cooperation with our hand- satisfaction of claims for repair of the equipment during the day, with your hand timely payment

An important advantage of the contract for permanent maintenance: All breakdowns are eliminated in the first place largely within
24 hours
You know who you are dealing with and who is responsible for the successful operation of your equipment.

About us:

Professional clothing and technical education, technology know garment production, processing methods, design, modeling, and how it all into practice,

two patents for new sewing device, if you want you will find on this site, thoroughly know all the sewing equipment, including sophisticated and specialized.

SPECIAL OFFER for owners sewing workshops

Repair, adjustment, prevention of the entire fleet of sewing equipment one by one,

fixed price.

We are interested in regular customers, at the conclusion of the contract

service we begin to "play in one basket", that is, in our

the general interest that would be your equipment working long,

reliably and efficiently.

Our goal is that your equipment to work consistently high quality, with a maximum load, ensuring high performance of your staff and as a result of your high level of profitability.

the less mechanical work, the higher the qualification.

If your mechanic does not get out of the sewing machine, it does not mean

you need to change the car, most likely it is necessary to change the mechanics.

Professional development and the necessary equipment

sewing studio, shops, factories.

I calculate the required production

I prepare the area. for further documentation and premises

production; We will select, install and take warranty

the whole set of production equipment.

If you have a question for repair, adjustment and sewing machines

overlock you can ask it directly to the master convenient for you

way, writing a letter or by calling 40 7916784 or 87 7915272 25 22.

I am happy to answer all your questions.

The calculation process flow for manufacturing.

To calculate the need to report the following:

1. Select a product type of tissue, especially treatment or

to provide a finished product.

2. Set the desired release program.

3. Decide on the estimated amount of costs

(Necessary for the calculation of the approximate correspondence of these parameters).

Note: Installing more expensive automated machinery

significantly enhances performance and facilitates

seamstresses work, reducing the demands on their skills

Configure a sewing business from scratch

1. Complete equipping sewing workshop, equipment, lighting, accessories, WTO, etc.

2. Recruitment

3. Logistics, accounting systems, storage, software design and modeling clothes

Besides ordinary garments, have experience of manufacturing underwear (male and female, including corsetry group), the organization of production for sewing of curtains, swags.

Attainment of projected capacity of 3 months.

repair of industrial sewing machines

The claims are met in full as a priority,

outstanding claims have not.

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