The company, which became known as Bernini was created in the late 19th century, Carl Friedrich Dzhegof in steckborn, Switzerland. The company was named after the mountain "Piz Bernina", the only mountain in the Eastern Alps more than 4000 meters high (this is - more than 13, 000 feet!). The company is named after the only mountain in the Eastern Alps over 4,000 meters "Piz Bernina". The first household sewing machine was launched on the market in 1932 Dzhegofom, son of Karl Friedrich Dzhegofa, and in 1945 he also produced the first portable zigzag sewing machine.

"Bernina 830 Odette Ueltschi-Gegauf" - the first fully electronic sewing machine Bernini, and her son, Hanspeter Ueltschi - now the owner of the fourth generation of this family business. The first fully electronic sewing machine.

The main priority has always been the quality of Bernini.

To ensure consistently high quality standard, all components of the Magin BERNINA measured and checked in a special room, as part of maginyochen sensitive to variations in temperature.

Three hundred and fifty employees work tirelessly in Steckborn, to further develop the BERNINA sewing system and in accordance with their excellent reputation. It takes an average of about three years to design a new sewing system comprising about six hundred - eight individual parts and make a few prototypes. Bernini to do countless tests and subjected to infinite size before it goes to market.

From an innovative idea to globalization - the Swiss standard.

BERNINA International AG, a manufacturer of cutting-edge sewing machines and computer embroidery and emissary of creative ideas in the clothing sector. The slogan for innovation as well as quality, BERNINA products - currently zavoeyvayut new markets.

Carl Friedrich Dzhegof, the company's founder and inventor of the new machine Stitch (1893), perhaps even in his wildest dreams could have imagined that his invention will be the cornerstone for the success of the whole family, well-known brand name and business operating worldwide. His son Dzhegof passionate project engineer and salesman, surpassed the success of his father by selling the first home sewing machine having BERNINA brand name in 1932 and the world's first portable zigzag sewing machine in 1945. In addition, he struck the garment industry with new innovations and patents, such as kolknopodemnika devices, mechanized sewing foot lifting.

Since 1988, the fourth generation of the family stood at the helm of the company, in the person Hanspeter Ueltschi. When he took over the business, his goal was to make sewing more and more popular around the world and encouraged the creative potential customer, he has also been set up to reduce the manufacturing costs of the product, at the same time promoting innovation and marketing company. Consequently, he directed business in the age of the computer to the first computer BERNINA sewing, artista 180 and ensured the continuous development and optimization of computer technology in the sewing industry, as shown by successive artista models as well as a range of Aurora. In addition to the original production in Steckborn, Hanspeter Ueltschi adjusts further branch in Thailand and organized in the United States, as a successful key market, constituting more than 50% of the total exports of BERNINA. Today, the development and expansion of new markets in Eastern Europe and Russia, South America and India, as well as the Middle East - the main priorities.

BERNINA International AG

Seestrasse, CH-8266 Steckborn, Switzerland
Tel. +41 / (0) 52 7621-206

Seventy-five years ago, the main objective of the sewing machine was to save money when buying and restoration of clothes.

Sewing machine itself has a self-developed tool that allows you to develop creativity.

For Bernina past 75 years we have provided a continuous progressive growth:
* 1938 - The first zigzag sewing machine Bernina
* 1945 - The first sewing machine ziz-sharp-turning free hand Bernina
* 1954 - First patented attachable presser foot (Today, offers Bernina
more than 100 presser feet and accessories)
* 1963 - First patented activated knee presser foot lifter
* 1971 - The first Bernina electronically controlled leg
* 1986 - First fully-automated electric Bernina with tabs with one step
embroidery and copies the memory
* 1998 - artista models of birth, the first sewing and embroidery
computer designed for sewing artists
* 2002 - first sewing and embroidery system with Microsoft (R) Windows (R)
included operating system, artista 200E
* 2004 - Issue patented Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) is
virtually guarantees even and consistent stitch length regardless of
speed sewing or fabric processing
* 2006 - Introduction Bernina Embroidery Software v5

The history of innovation started in my family four generations ago, when
My great-grandfather invented the first "hemstitching" machine, "he said
Hanspeter Ueltschi, owner and CEO of BERNINA International AG, the only being in the company for the production of sewing machines in the world of the family property.


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