Needles with round tip for textile processing
Average round tip «R»

машинная игла нормальное круглое острие «R»

The normal spherical shape of the tip is a standard tip.
Allowed no symbol of the shape of the tip with the help of «R» letters.
It is used when working with light materials, coated materials, heavy fabrics such as canvas materials,
laminates, coated with a thin plastic or cardboard, composite materials, leather and textiles.
A pointed round tip «SPI»

машинная игла заостренное круглое острие «SPI»

The needle is very thin pointed tip.
Precise piercing the dense fabric and the coated material, thereby providing exactly the right seam with clear stitches.
Eliminates seam contraction.
It is used when working with very tightly woven materials such as microfiber, silk.
coated materials Thin
Thin, smooth materials such as taffeta.
Laying the finishing stitches on cuffs, collars, shirts processing front straps.
With the use of elastomeric yarn without outer braid.
In the production of finished products made of leather and fur.

A small spherical tip «SES»

машинная игла Небольшое шарообразное острие «SES»

This type of needle easily pushes textile yarns and knitted fabrics passing between them - this allows the needle to pierce the material without damaging it.
It is used when working with products of fine and medium knitted fabrics, light-weight denim, light and tightly woven materials, moderate to heavy woven materials.
Especially suitable for knitted jerseys and sportswear of knitted fabric.
Mean spherical tip «SUK»
The tip of the needle has a rounded shape as compared with a small spherical tip type «SES»
It is used when working with medium to coarse denim materials, coarse knits, in the manufacture of corsetry.
The best needle for denim fabrics such as stone-washed and sand- washed (special processing to create the "worn look"), especially when using a large needle thickness
The best needle for the manufacture of corsetry (especially when using small needles rooms)

Large spherical tip «SKF»


машинная игла Крупное шарообразное острие «SKF»

The needle with a large ball-shaped tip
Especially the rounded shape of the tip enables point razdvizheniya processed fabric having a coarse, wide loops without breaking the filaments.
It is used when working with thin elastic materials of braided elastomeric yarns, as well as when dealing with coarse knits.

Special spherical tip «SKL»


 машинная игла Специальное шарообразное острие «SKL»

The needle has a very broad, very rounded spherical tip
This type of piercing point allows tissue and razdvizheniya loops through the maximum possible expansion of the individual strands without breaking.
It is used when working with medium and coarse elastic materials of elastomeric yarn braided, knitted garments knitted rough.
"Lycra" type tip best form for processing elastane fabric.




Needles with the cutting edge of skin treatment
The tip of the blade C

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Where to start and how to choose a sewing machine?
The question is relevant for those who are interested in such a wonderful and interesting work, like tailoring.
First of all you should decide for what purpose you take the sewing machine, namely:

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needle sewing machines

I wonder how many times lightly approach to the selection of needles in the clothing industry, a time when it was possible to sew bad passed. If you want to be competitive, you must adhere to certain rules.

    Selecting the needle thickness

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1 benefits
2 shortcomings
3 technology, equipment

1 benefits

Fairly narrow specialized niche production, has a high level of profitability if the product is of high class.

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The main advantage for curtain business is that it is somewhat different category of consumers.
In 80% of a hundred, it is those who re-equips its new apartment or change the interior renovated, go buy furniture, and furniture to change the wallpaper and interior.
What is all the same for us interested in this category of buyers?
They have the money !!!!

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His way an entrepreneur, I started in 1989. I was young and inexperienced, but all of my faults is more than cover my enthusiasm and confidence.
Anyone, even a bad plan that you started to embody in life is better than training, meditation doubts and dreams, we can entertain themselves for months and sometimes years.
And so, let's start with the mistakes that I had to "eat."

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