1. Most of the sewing business, namely, the type of product that you produce in a given time, has a pronounced seasonal focus, meaning your product is actively sold in a certain period of time, limited by factors such as the onset of frost or melting snow or bud on the trees, or the beginning of the school year.

Of course, I'm exaggerating some aspects, but it is for the construction of certain images, which will allow me to convey to you their point of view.

In other words, prepare the sleigh in summer, and in winter the cart.

By the beginning of the season you should be all ready, ie You should know that you will be releasing at this time, how much, by what means, and where you will sell it all.

The most common mistake is to run after the departing train (season) or trend (demand mode) of your market. Naedyatsya the fact that I am now in a week nashyu chassis model is obviously condemn oneself to "visyaki" products that with a probability of 50% will be implemented next year.

At the same time, you spend on materials, labor and overhead costs, and most importantly, you are wasting your time.

This can be compared with the salary of a year.

If you say, work, and we will pay you a year?

How do you like this situation? Every business lives in a certain time frame, of course, if you have a working capital size is not limited, and you can afford it, please, but I would hardly call this time priprovozhdeniya business!

Have you ever wondered why the leading fashion designers as demanded by society? Yes, because in their opinion that would like to next year a very large number of ordinary people, trust those who sew clothes not hundreds of units, or even thousands, but millions.

Now that you know your competitors, and you still have the desire to compete with them?

Then we continue.

The basic principle of bit off as much as you can chew, better to be a little bit hungrier than a full fridge of some lemons for the new year, diversifies its production, invest part of the funds in the next season, determine the stop list: Point to the marginal cost that you can afford and put them in the following year.

Identify and meticulously calculates the production of the program for each model, the size of each age group and their percentage for each model is also different. If you are in doubt, then sew tracksuits adidas and puma and forget about your ego designer. From it you will have some problems.

However, this does not mean that you should not risk any risk simply must be within the amount that you can afford to lose. Actively collaborate with the implementers of your products, the market is more trusted, and then himself. Remember, your tastes and the tastes of your customers are fundamentally different and it should be (except in some cases).

Decide with your circle of consumers, Vlezte in their skin, if it is the middle class, will go down into the subway or take the bus, determine pedpochitaemuyu color gamut of the target audience (black or pink), just kidding. And, of course, follow the fashion trends.

This is not all the pitfalls of the sewing business, if you want to tell your story and think that it will be interesting to our subscribers and site visitors to send their articles, we will be happy propiarit you!

Respectfully, always yours, Igor Borisov


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