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Simple, logically consistent and intuitive search technology and troubleshooting sewing machines, step by step video instructions for repair and adjustment of sewing machines.
minimum technical knowledge to control and development

How often do you ask yourself these questions:
I do not know how to save on repair of sewing machines

I do not know how to save money on my clothing industry by repairing sewing machines


Learn how to repair themselves, industrial and domestic sewing machines! Simple and intuitive video instructions.
Lesson by lesson, gradually, become a master at sewing machine repairs.
How to become a master, an expert in the repair of industrial and domestic sewing machine.
Treat with care, with love and respect to your equipment and it will tell you in return, and it is not empty words, but what is particularly important is your saved time and money that will eventually be converted into additional revenue and ensures the stability of your business.
For owners of the sewing workshops:
It is a working tool of the control of a technical condition of the sewing equipment and quality of repair work, the fact that the sewing machine can sew and poor-quality setting, the question is how long and how many eventually will cost repairs.
In mechanics, everything is easy, there are no vague concepts and muddy language, there are certain places the interaction of basic units and mechanisms of the sewing machine, some ten or even hundredths of a millimeter. These parameters can be measured and changed. It was from these options depends on the quality setting of sewing machines, their smooth functioning, the quality of the clothing line and ultimately the quality of your garments.
Video instructions will help to make this knowledge available, controlled, repeatable and easily with minimal technical knowledge.
For practitioners:
The Mechanic (sewing equipment adjuster) worthy and respected profession, your salary does not depend on the number of products, you have more than one employer and your clients structured network, unless of course you are not working in a large enterprise. I call my work is deeply diversified production. My call is from 3000 rubles, the duration of serious repair and adjustment from 1 to 3 hours, of course, there are difficult cases that take up the whole day, and there is not one, but in any case, you win or you get another regular customer, or save yourself from problems in the future. In any case, your interests, and the interests of your employer match.
Know the only device of sewing machines is extremely small, the mechanic must know sewing technology of garments, which method of treatment is needed for each type of tissue and which thus should be used threads and attachments, how to do so, that would, for example, when cornering lines with lifting foot not loosen the noose or blanket stitch to make high quality tissue rounded.
My strategic goal is "to do useful things," the product must be of high quality to be in demand in the market and to solve specific problems, to facilitate our lives.
 sewing machines
In order to properly adjust the sewing machine, it is not necessary to experiment and reinvent the wheel, enough to perform simple actions, guided by video course, step by step, using my experience and knowledge to move the sewing machine parts, in accordance with the rules, in this case in the right places it is necessary to sustain a certain distance between the parts of the sewing machine. These simple rules are called the repair and adjustment of sewing machines.
You acquire knowledge once behind them not to wear, and will see the benefit immediately, without intermediaries and overhead!
My knowledge on this topic confirmed by two patents (Eurasian patent number 011699, Russian patent for invention number 2,283,388), I do not know is how it should operate sewing machines, I construct and invent a brand-new sewing device.

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